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The Payson Bardschool

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My project-1 (3).png

A Weekly Open Mic Night at the

Huish PACE Center in Payson, Utah

Open Mic is every Tuesday night, located at the Sideshow Venue of the Huish PACE Center in Payson, Utah, from 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Signups are in person, starting when doors open ~7pm.

Come to watch, be entertained or participate yourself. All are welcome.

Cover charge of $5 for each event, fee is waived for PERFORMERS and their PLUS-ONES 

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Open Mic Rules

  • There will be an in-person signup each open mic night, starting at 7pm. There is no advance signup. Look for the clipboard to signup the night of. 

  • Slots are up to 10 minutes each. Typically this works out to 3 short songs or 2 longer ones. Includes any setup time required.

  • You may only signup for one slot, however you may also signup as part of different groups/solo.

  • We don't provide any instruments. We have 2 mics and 2 direct input jacks for your use. 

  • No full drum sets, handheld percussion is okay

  • Family Friendly content only 

  • We encourage performers and performances of all types and background. Come with poetry, a story to tell, a song, a monologue, a scene from a play you're in, anything at all. Just no karaoke. 

Music and spoken word has the power to connect us, to help us better understand one another and the world around us. The bards and bard schools of ancient times understood this, and we're committed to ensuring that these art forms and the people passionate about them have a home here in Payson

We chose the name "Bardschool" for this event as a way to say this a place of growth, creative courage, and various mediums of performance.
The bards of old had actual schools where they would go to learn to sing, write,  and tell stories. 
We have an open mic night. 

Hear and be heard. See and be seen.
The safest place in Payson is behind the mic.

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